Enhance Trade Reviews with Notion's Dictate

Enhance Trade Reviews with Notion's Dictate

Enhance Trade Reviews with Notion's Dictate


Jul 6, 2024
Revolutionize Your Trading Reviews with Notion's New Dictate Feature
Revolutionize Your Trading Reviews with Notion's New Dictate Feature
Revolutionize Your Trading Reviews with Notion's New Dictate Feature

Hello, fellow traders! Today, we're excited to share an update from Notion that could transform how you approach your trading reviews: the Dictate feature. This text input tool is set to make your journaling process more efficient and adaptable to your trading lifestyle. Let's dive into how this feature can enhance your trading journal and potentially improve your overall trading performance.

What is Notion's Dictate Feature?

Before we explore its benefits, let's clarify what Notion's Dictate feature is all about. It's a speech-to-text tool that converts your spoken words into written text in real-time within your Notion documents. Unlike audio recording, Dictate transcribes your voice into text as you speak, allowing for hands-free typing. This approach to note-taking is perfect for capturing quick insights and detailed reflections on your trades, all without touching your keyboard.

How Dictate Enhances Your Trading Journal

1. Speed: Type More, Faster

In the fast-paced world of trading, every second counts. The Dictate feature allows you to input your trade analysis significantly faster than manual typing for many people. This speed boost is crucial for several reasons:

  • Immediate Capture: As soon as a trade concludes, you can instantly start speaking your thoughts, emotions, and observations while they're fresh in your mind, and see them appear as text.

  • Detailed Analysis: Because speaking is often faster than typing for many users, you're likely to capture more nuanced details about your trade. This could include market conditions, your emotional state, or subtle patterns you noticed.

  • Rapid Fire Reviews: On busy trading days, you can quickly dictate brief reviews between trades, ensuring you don't miss capturing valuable insights due to time constraints.

Pro Tip: Try setting a 2-minute timer after each trade to do a rapid dictated review. You'll be amazed at how much information you can input in such a short time!

2. Convenience: Review Hands-Free

The beauty of speech-to-text is its hands-free nature. This convenience factor can significantly impact how consistently you maintain your trading journal:

  • Multitasking Made Easy: Dictate your analysis while watching charts or scanning for new setups, keeping your hands free for other tasks.

  • Reduced Typing Strain: Give your fingers a break from typing. This can be especially beneficial during long trading sessions.

  • Accessibility: For traders with mobility issues or those who find extensive typing challenging, Dictate offers an alternative input method.

Idea: Create a daily "Trade Recap" routine where you stand up from your desk for 10 minutes and dictate your overall market observations and trading plan for the day while stretching or moving around.

3. Natural Flow: Express Yourself Freely

Speaking our thoughts often feels more natural than typing them. This can lead to more comprehensive and insightful reviews:

  • Stream of Consciousness: Verbalize your thoughts as they come, without the pause that often accompanies typing. This can lead to unexpected insights and connections.

  • Detailed Narratives: You're more likely to explain your thought process in detail when speaking, providing a richer context for future review.

  • Overcome Writer's Block: If you sometimes struggle to start writing your reviews, speaking them out loud can help overcome this initial hurdle.

Exercise: Try doing a "story-telling" review of your best and worst trades of the week. Narrate them as if you're explaining them to a fellow trader, including all the twists and turns of your decision-making process, and watch as Notion transcribes your words.

4. Seamless Integration with Screen Recording

Combining the Dictate feature with screen recording takes your trade reviews to a whole new level:

  • Synchronized Analysis: Record your screen as you review a trade chart, while simultaneously using Dictate to transcribe your spoken analysis. This creates a powerful visual and textual record of your review.

  • Enhanced Playback: When you revisit your review, you'll have a written transcript of your spoken words directly below the embedded video in Notion.

  • Identify Patterns: Over time, this combination of visual recording and transcribed commentary can help you identify patterns in your trading behavior and decision-making process.

  • Comprehensive Documentation: Capture not just your thoughts, but also your on-screen actions, providing a complete picture of your trading process.

Setup Tip: Use a tool like Loom or QuickTime (on Mac) to record your screen and audio simultaneously. Then, embed the video in your Notion page and use Dictate to transcribe your audio commentary beneath it. This way, you'll have a visual recording of your charts and actions, along with a text transcript of your analysis.

Getting Started with Notion Dictation

Ready to give it a try? Here's how to get started:

  1. Open your Notion trading journal's review page.

  2. Select the "Dictate" option from the block menu, or use the keyboard shortcut (Cmd + O on Mac, Ctrl + O on Windows).

  3. Begin speaking, and watch as your words appear instantly on the page as text.

  4. If you're combining with screen recording, start your screen capture software before beginning your review.

Note: Ensure your microphone is properly set up and permissions are granted for Notion to access it.


Incorporating Notion's Dictate feature into your trading journal can revolutionize how you approach trade reviews. By leveraging the speed, convenience, natural expression, and seamless integration possibilities, you're setting yourself up for more consistent, insightful, and effective trading analysis.

Remember, the key to improvement in trading is consistent review and analysis. With tools like Dictate making the process easier and more efficient, you're removing barriers to maintaining this crucial habit.

So, why not give Dictate a try for your next trading review? You might just find it's the efficiency boost your journaling process needed!

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