Notion's Suggest Edits: A Game-Changer for Trading Mentors

Notion's Suggest Edits: A Game-Changer for Trading Mentors

Notion's Suggest Edits: A Game-Changer for Trading Mentors


Jul 7, 2024
Notion's Suggest Edits: A Game-Changer for Trading Mentors
Notion's Suggest Edits: A Game-Changer for Trading Mentors
Notion's Suggest Edits: A Game-Changer for Trading Mentors

Revolutionizing Trading Mentorship: Notion's Suggested Edits Feature

In the dynamic world of trading, continuous improvement is the key to success. A crucial part of this improvement process is the relationship between traders and their mentors. Today, we're excited to explore how Notion's latest feature - Suggested Edits - is set to transform this dynamic, making trading reviews more collaborative, insightful, and effective than ever before.

Notion's New Suggested Edits Feature: What You Need to Know

Notion has just rolled out its highly anticipated Suggested Edits feature to all users. This new functionality allows collaborators to propose changes to a document without altering the original content. Here's the official announcement from Notion:

"Take collaboration up a notch with new suggested edits. Your best ideas, documents, and plans are already created on Notion. Switch to suggestion mode to effortlessly co-create and refine content with your team."

While this feature has broad applications across various fields, its potential in the trading world is particularly exciting, especially when combined with a comprehensive trading journal template.

Transforming Trading Mentorship with Suggested Edits

As traders, we understand the immense value of having a mentor review our trading journal entries. It's a practice that can significantly accelerate our learning curve and refine our trading strategies. With Notion's new Suggested Edits feature, this mentorship process is about to become much more streamlined and effective. Here's how:

  1. Enhanced Collaboration Between Traders and Mentors Traders often send their review notes to their coaches for feedback. With Suggested Edits, mentors can now dive directly into Notion-based trading journals and provide precise, contextual feedback. They can highlight areas for improvement, suggest alternative analyses, or commend particularly insightful observations - all without altering the original content.

  2. Improved Quality of Trading Reviews Mentors can use Suggested Edits to show their mentees exactly how to structure and write trading reviews that truly hit the mark. They can propose rewrites, add questions for reflection, or suggest additional metrics to track. This hands-on guidance helps traders develop a more comprehensive and analytical approach to their review process.

  3. Real-Time Learning Opportunities The immediacy of Suggested Edits allows for a more dynamic learning experience. Traders can see their mentor's suggestions in real-time, fostering a more interactive and engaging review process. This can lead to quicker absorption of key lessons and faster improvement in trading strategies.

  4. Maintaining a Clear Record of Progress Since Suggested Edits doesn't overwrite the original content, traders can easily see the evolution of their analysis skills over time. They can review past entries, complete with their mentor's suggestions, to track their progress and revisit important lessons.

  5. Encouraging Self-Reflection The process of reviewing suggested edits encourages traders to reflect more deeply on their decisions and analyses. This self-reflection is a crucial component of continuous improvement in trading.

Implementing Suggested Edits in Your Trading Practice

Ready to leverage this powerful new feature in your trading journey? Here are some tips to get started:

  1. Migrate Your Trading Journal to Notion: If you haven't already, consider using a comprehensive Notion trading journal template. Its flexible structure, combined with features like Suggested Edits, makes it an ideal tool for serious traders.

  2. Establish a Review Routine: Set up a regular schedule with your mentor for reviewing your trading journal entries. This consistency is key to making the most of the Suggested Edits feature.

  3. Be Open to Feedback: Remember, the goal is improvement. Approach your mentor's suggestions with an open mind and a willingness to learn and adapt.

  4. Engage in Dialogue: Use the comments feature alongside Suggested Edits to ask questions or provide context about your decisions. This can enrich the mentorship experience.

  5. Implement and Iterate: After reviewing your mentor's suggestions, implement the changes in your future trading reviews. Continually refine your review process based on this feedback.

Enhancing Your Trading Journey with a Comprehensive Notion Template

To truly maximize the benefits of taking mentorship and leveraging Notion's Suggested Edits feature, consider using a well-structured Notion template. Such templates can provide:

  • A detailed trading journal for logging trades, complete with areas for charts, notes, and risk management. Check out our Investment Tracker template for your long-term position trading activities. It allows sharing the journal and all its pages so that your mentor can review all aspects of your notes, risk management, logging, and more.

  • Analytics dashboards for tracking key performance metrics. Take a look at the Ultimate Trading Journal template and imagine how a trading coach could provide invaluable insights based on your detailed, advanced performance metrics.

  • Setup databases for analyzing different trading strategies. Analyze all details of the Ultimate Portfolio Tracker & Trading Journal template. You'll see that you can check how well you follow your setup rules. With an experienced trader coach's eye, you'll be able to identify how your setup can be improved, defining steps and rules directly in your journal template.

  • Daily routine trackers to build consistency in your trading practice. Whether you're into options trading or other forms, our Notion Options Trading Journal offers a detailed trade logging system and perfect routine tracker features. With your coach's ability to directly view and suggest improvements on your daily routine selection and application, you'll have a perfect coaching experience.

  • Areas for Q&A and announcements to facilitate communication between mentors and mentees. Even if you don't have a Notion trading journal, you can request a Notion trading space from your coach, like our Trading Agency Business Planner. This provides a detailed trading logs tracking area for students. Students can share positions with group members, try trades together, comment on each other's trades, and learn collaboratively. Coaches can make suggestions on each student's journal and pin exemplary trades.

By combining such a template with our new Suggested Edits feature, you create a powerful ecosystem for trading education and improvement. These templates are designed to work seamlessly with Notion's collaborative features, including Suggested Edits, making the mentorship process more efficient and effective.


Notion's new Suggested Edits feature is more than just a cool new tool - it's a game-changer for trading mentorship. By facilitating more precise, contextual, and interactive feedback, it has the potential to significantly enhance the learning process for traders at all levels.

Whether you're a novice trader looking to fast-track your learning or an experienced trader aiming to refine your edge, leveraging Notion's Suggested Edits in your mentorship process could be the key to unlocking new levels of trading success. When combined with a comprehensive trading journal template, you create a powerful system for continuous improvement and learning.

So, why not give it a try? Embrace this new feature, set up your Notion trading workspace, and watch as your trading reviews - and ultimately, your trading performance - reach new heights. Happy trading, and here's to your continued success in the markets!

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