How to use Notion for trading journal

How to use Notion for trading journal

Our Notion templates goes way beyond being a mere tracker. Each serves as your mentor in navigating the intricate world of trading by combining functionality, analytics, and psychological insights in one unified package.

The best way you can use Notion as a trader.

Welcome to the most powerful fusion template built in Framer. Below you will find some biggest features.

Customizing tabs & filters

By utilizing tab and filter features, you can create a trading journal table perfectly tailored to your own trading style.

Database templates

The database templates you use to journal your trades in detail are completely customizable to suit your preferences.

Slicers and database grouping

With Framer's powerful automations, you now have this beautiful and handy display tools that works smoothly according to your selections.

Buttons & manual entry

Journal and Review sections comes equipped with button feature that making it easy to input.

Database views

Pre-built custom views will save you time. However, you can still customize them to your needs.


Notion has its native notification feature that can be easily modified.

Light & Dark Mode

Light and dark mode ready, just use the Ctrl + Shift + L shortcut.

API automations

Little big animations to make your website look even more beautiful.


With a perfectly named structure, you have full control over your website. Easily adjust anything with the extra time spent.


Enhance user experience with an exquisite hover effect that elevates your website's overall aesthetic and engagement.

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